Teaching What I Love

Things I love about my studio:

  1. A sense of plenty of time
  2. A comfortable undisturbed space dedicated to my creative process
  3. Interesting materials

Hmmm…I thought to myself, “What if I were to teach a class with a primary focus on the things that make my studio experience so rich and powerful?”

“What if I were to teach a class based on experimenting with the experience of direct observation?”

My hunch is that such a class would be a delight to teach and would probably be a fruitful way to learn.

The response from my students to this hunch in my “fluid media” class has been thrilling. The media (paint, ink, water, paper, crayon, pencil) has become secondary to the process and experience of making. The finished “products” are seen as maps charting student practice–not as precious finished objects, but as a result of the sometimes messy process of looking and playing and taking chances. I like the way things are turning out–the pictures the students are making in this class remind me of the satisfaction I have at the end of a good day outside with my kids–lots of dirty knees and elbows, and maybe some tears in our shirts.  I look forward to each class because the room is full of alive and engaged women. Critiques have to be extended because of exciting and meaningful discussion. It has become “one of those classes” –the ones I  wish lasted even longer than they do.

Is the passion and engagement of the students a result of my conviction, or a flukey group of stellar creatives, or have I stumbled onto some fundamental truth about the classroom?



2 Responses to Teaching What I Love

  1. Belinda Hart says:

    ^ what she said!

    now you have to add trash to your media list 😛

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