Victoria, leafing through a catalogue, has a fond reminiscence

from an email:

“I was looking through a catalogue, ran across Cezanne Étude de Pomme water color, reminded me of the fruit watercolor exercise from your painting class!”

title: PAUL CÉZANNE Étude de Pomme.

PAUL CÉZANNE Étude de Pomme. Watercolor and pencil on paper, circa 1890. 118×169 mm; 45/8>x65/8> inches.

This drawing, likely from a sketchbook, is characteristic of Cézanne’s watercolor still lifes of fruit from around 1885 to 1895. In its strong contours, reinforced in both pencil and watercolor, and the representation of the light, shade and reflected light on the surfaces and the shadows they cast, it compares to works such as Trois poires (Rewald 298); Assiette de pêches (Rewald 547); and Oranges sur une assiette (Rewald 553). In a letter dated January 12, 2009 which accompanies this lot, Professor Theodore Reff stated his opinion that this work is by Paul Cézanne.


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