Processing process

In the mac lab for ten minutes we tried to learn a great deal.

Here we are demonstrating three descriptions of space. We are looking at what happens to scale and color and detail as we closely study a subject. What happens to things we know as we compare how we see them up close, from a middle ground and much farther away (helllloooo Erica!)? In the second painting project we’ll compose a piece based on our findings from these direct observations. Notice that we observe like scientists: make notes of what is true. State the very obvious as well as subtleties. For example, Erica in the distance is much smaller than Vylencia in the middle ground. In fact Erica’s hips are smaller than my middle finger (foreground), even though in “real life” I know that my hand is not that giant. (Except when speaking in metaphor!) By writing down these very clear observations in words I can teach my brain to draw what I see instead of what I know, and thereby create a stronger and more authentic illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. Questions to ask yourself: what happens to the range of value contrast between close up and far away? What happens to the clarity of defined edges of form? What happens to the colors? What surprises you here? For example, Erica sort of sneaks in to the picture frame. At first glance she isn’t there–but once I notice her, there’s a big joke on me, because she’s looking pretty obvious now…how did she blend in to the background like that? What’s going on? The more you LOOK, and record what you observe (TELL), the more you will see, and the easier time you will have drawing what you see for real, instead of what you imagine you see.


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